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I’m sure you have noticed the buzz about forex trading (FX). It is a gigantic global market, growing by leaps and bounds. And with the company profiled in this report, Forex International Trading Corp. (FXIT.OB), you can own “a piece of the Forex action.”

“In two years, I believe the company can earn $0.16 to $0.18 per share. When that happens, I fully expect the stock will explode to a reasonable price/earnings ratio of 20 times earnings—reaching $3.20 to $3.60 a share.

That’s five-to-ten-bagger territory!”




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929% Gains Ahead – FXIT.OB

Fellow Investor,

My name is Eric Dany and finding exciting, small companies with explosive upside potential is my specialty—as subscribers to my newsletter have experienced.

We’ve had some terrific gains recently and I believe Forex International Trading Corp. (FXIT.OB) is going to be my next huge winner!

Allow me to explain.

For starters, Forex International Trading’ business is up and running and customers are trading everyday on their advanced online trading platform. They have cash in the bank, and with their current triple-digit growth rate I expect the company to be reporting significant profits this year.

I’ve explained all about Forex trading (FX) in my full report (free and only a click away), but it is basically the trading of foreign currencies—A huge market with millions of traders.

Gigantic Market

The size of the global forex trading market is massive—about $4 trillion dollars are traded every day by governments, banks, hedge funds and individuals.

The Aite Group estimates the global retail forex audience surpassed 8.3 million people last year and retail trading generates $315 billion in daily trading.

That means the retail FX business is 7.9% of the global market and it’s the fastest growth segment. Unbelievably it’s 32% larger than the average daily turnover for all other equity markets. That’s huge..

Yet the FX market is in its infancy. Javier Pax, senior analyst with the Aite Group says in March 11th release – “The retail FX market has not yet reached mainstream distribution.”

That’s worth repeating…the retail FX market has not yet reached mainstream distribution! Hold that thought; I’ll come back to it later.

Recent Investment — Brings in the Dough

Forex International Trading intends to rapidly grow their business by making strategic acquisitions and investments to grow their presence in the market. And from my seat in the ballpark they are doing a terrific job.

Their strategic investment—buying a 49% interest in Triple 8 Limited—provided them with immediate access to Triple’s existing customer base, revenues and profits. Triple has 66 employees, generated $7.4 million in revenues and more than $500,000 in profits last year.

Triple is posting remarkable triple-digit growth with year-over-year trading volume up 175% and active trading accounts up 161% over the same period.

This growth reminds me of the growth in option trading accounts that caused stocks like optionsXpress, E-Trade and Ameritrade to shoot through the roof a few years ago.

And as you are probably aware, Charles Schwab recently gobbled up optionsXpress for almost $1 billion…after it was a public company for only a little over six years, and TD Ameritrade bought Think or Swim for $750 million a couple years ago.

Imagine what a buyout like that could mean for investors in Forex International Trading. What a remarkable payday!

Now, I’m not suggesting there’s a buyout about to happen, but a future buyout down the road is entirely possible because of the how well Forex International Trading is building their business. They are doing it right! Even without a buyout, Forex International Trading is a terrific opportunity because it is virtually unknown to investors and significantly undervalued…but it won’t be for long…allow me explain…

Expanding Business Relationships

Forex International Trading is rapidly expanding their business to make their FX trading platform a one-stop FX trading solution.

To accelerate their growth they are making strategic acquisitions and combining with other FX firms in joint ventures. Based on their recent moves it’s obvious they know their business and what they need to do to continue attracting retail customers, which is the key to growing revenues.

For example, they have acquired a 50% interest in Forex NYC which operates Currency School. Currency School is located in midtown Manhattan and provides valuable FX training for clients.

Currency School provides introductory and advanced personal training both online training and in-person training. They also provide one-on-one FX trading mentoring programs. Some of their programs are free, while others are revenue generators.

Working with Currency School provides the company with cross-marketing opportunities for their trading and other services. It’s definitely a win-win acquisition for Forex International Trading.

The company’s goal is to open many more local training centers and trading rooms around the world to augment Triple 8’s international footprint. I’m sure we’ll see additional acquisitions in the months ahead that will continue to grow the business.

Because Triple isn’t licensed to operate in the U.S. yet, Forex International Trading acquired a 50% interest in Wheatley Asset Management, LLC in February which operates Beam Financial Group including BeamFX and BeamFutures. Wheatley is a NFA registered Introducing Broker (IB), Forex Trading Firm and Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA).

As the company develops its U.S. FX trading platform and becomes fully licensed they will be utilizing Beam Financial Group as their customer interface. Apparently they are close to receiving the required approvals because Beam Financial Group recently hired a very experienced professional, Paul Britten, to develop and manage their Las Vegas office and expand the company’s Futures business.

I really have to hand it to the company’s President, Darren Dunckel. He not only has the vision, but also the skill set to implement the company’s strategic plan. I’m sure you can see why I’m so enthusiastic about Forex International’s future.

Profits—The Bottom Line

It’s important for the company to turn its future revenue growth into profits, and based on Triple 8’s 2010 experience I see huge profits ahead for Forex International Trading.

In 2010, Triple 8’s internet marketing business model turned each dollar of marketing into about three dollars of revenue.

That’s a terrific return and the driving force behind the company’s triple-digit growth in trading revenues and new accounts. You and I know there aren’t many companies posting triple-digit increases like that in today’s troubled economy.

And you’ll recall that an informed market analyst said, “the retail FX market has not yet reached mainstream distribution.” I think it’s like option trading was 10 years ago. Look at option trading today—it is mainstream and still one of the fastest growing industry segments.

By investing in Forex International Trading you’ll be getting in early, and be able to reap the profits that will follow as FX trading becomes a mainstream trading activity.

With money in the bank and a bright future ahead, I’m convinced Forex International Trading—which is trading well below a $1.00 a share—is going to double or triple in the weeks ahead…or perhaps even sooner because the first quarter results should be announced soon. I am looking for a big surprise to the upside when the report comes out.

Longer-term, as the company rolls out its trading platform in the U.S. and expands its international operations it won’t be long before the company is making serious profits.

In two years, I believe the company can earn $0.16 to $0.18 per share. When that happens, I fully expect the stock will explode to a reasonable price/earnings ratio of 20 times earnings—reaching $3.20 to $3.60 a share.

That’s five-to-ten-bagger territory!

And what if Forex International Trading lands in the sights of Charles Schwab or Ameritrade…well, we could easily be talking about a mega-million jackpot.

Forex is the future, and as a shareholder of Forex International Trading Corp you’ll own a piece of the FX action.

Please read my full report available at the link below; do your own research and then I’m sure you’ll want to add shares of Forex International Trading to your portfolio.

But hurry, because the company’s next quarterly report will be released soon!

Invest Successfully,

Editor, Prospector Newsletters

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