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Cash in on America's Return to Oil & Gas ProductionGet Your Free Special Report, “Cash-in on America’s Return to Oil & Gas Production”

Huge Profits Coming on Alamo Energy (ALME) from Expanding Oil Production in Kentucky Super-Field!

“ALME is the biggest growth story of US oil-stocks based just on Kentucky — add Alamo’s 3 other fields — now $millions can be made”
— Advocate for Shareholder Wealth

After reading this report, you just might become a shareholder in the next great American oil-stock success story – ALME.

Alamo Energy has been increasing oil and gas production, adding new wells and expanding its drilling operations and proven reserves steadily for the past 15 months. ALME’s value growth is just starting to pick up speed – and ALME shareholders are on the way to great wealth. has uncovered this top energy stock using their Optimum Proactive Positioning methodology, read the full report here. We’ve uncovered this report for you but you need to request your copy here.

Optimum Proactive Positioning determines when any stock is targeted for incremental acquisition. This process starts before you see the share price begin to move up from the $1 level to over $20 and then keep moving toward $100 – and continues until the early shareholders become America’s newest class of $multi-millionaires.

Request Your Free Special Report to find out why’s Optimum Proactive Positioning system has just determined that ALME is the next target for incremental acquisition – starting here at the $1 level. Buying of ALME is recommended now.

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The greatest builders of wealth from the U.S. stock market, such as the Roosevelts, Kennedys and Carnegies, all used techniques similar to their Optimum Proactive Positioning but they won’t give you the key. They will as long as You Make a DEAL: They send you their $Million Access Key by courier – then you tell us about the vast profits you make with our system.

Attention Wall Street Jerks

The Phoenix Letter

Special Report from The Phoenix Letter

You’ll have to pardon my brashness in the report you are about to read. I believe in being blunt and straight to the point. And I feel many of you have been coddled too long by money managers, and brokers who don’t have your best interests at heart.

And I’m not that guy.

I’m what many consider to be a “Wall Street Jerk.” Because I’m successful and confident. And many of those who follow me have developed similar traits.

Think about it realistically. If you could rake in a 712% return in just 44 weeks like my fraternity of investors have…wouldn’t you have a bit more “ego” in your personality? Wouldn’t your happiness come off as cockiness to those who haven’t been as fortunate in the markets? Of course.

You just dominated the one street that for so long has dominated almost every investor…Wall Street. No longer would you be a slave to paltry returns. Your life savings would have become ridiculously inflated.

And today I want to make that a reality for you. I want to show you a report where I detail firsthand every single trade I used to help investors multiply their money 7 fold, en route to turning every $10,000 into $81,191.37.

I’ve got nothing to hide. And that’s why I’ve laid it all out for you to see. So you can realize how you can easily do it as well. You can view this report and learn how you can replicate my results over and over again for FREE right here!

Or you can brush this off, close out this email and decide that the few minutes it would take you to read it aren’t worth the opportunity to change your entire life.

The choice is yours.

I strongly urge you to take this very seriously. But I realize that some just don’t have the gusto to go for the big gains. Those 1% returns on CDs and table scrap dividends are exciting enough for some. And those folks aren’t right for this opportunity.

I’m looking for people who want big time returns while avoiding risky investments like options, junk bonds, and other dangerous ventures. And just as importantly, people who are a willing to keep everything they are about to read a complete secret.

As a Stock Movers Daily reader, I’m pretty confident you fit the bill.

So to learn how you can bank a 712% return in 44 weeks, grab your copy of this FREE report here!

To Your Success,

Scott Neptune

“Wall Street Jerk”

P.S. – If I wasn’t so confident in my goal to bring you almost unimaginable wealth, I wouldn’t show you every little secret I used to bring a 712% return to my inner circle over this 44 week stretch.

P.P.S – This free report, although a bit brash, may be the most important document you ever get your hands on for the simple fact that it may single handedly revitalize your nest egg. Claim your copy here!

Eric Dany Makes Next Big Call: FXIT

I’m sure you have noticed the buzz about forex trading (FX). It is a gigantic global market, growing by leaps and bounds. And with the company profiled in this report, Forex International Trading Corp. (FXIT.OB), you can own “a piece of the Forex action.”

“In two years, I believe the company can earn $0.16 to $0.18 per share. When that happens, I fully expect the stock will explode to a reasonable price/earnings ratio of 20 times earnings—reaching $3.20 to $3.60 a share.

That’s five-to-ten-bagger territory!”




RECOMMENDATION: Strong Speculative Buy



Top 5 Penny Stock Newsletters

The following list of newsletters are making picks that have been shocking the market and making their members very happy. Here is a list of the Top Penny Stock Newsletters we have discovered.

1. – Exclusive Free Premium Membership Offer ($249 Value) Last week we made a call on a renewable energy company that knocked it out of the park. The week before, it was a gold and silver exploration winner that took off with double-digit increases. You can’t afford to miss our next featured pick, so now is the time to join thousands of traders that have already made the move. Not convinced, click below for Top 5 Reasons You Need This Membership. Click for the Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Free Premium Membership >>

2. Investors Alley – 3 Undiscovered Stocks Poised to Breakout – FREE report Sign up for Investors Alley today and get our newly released FREE report that reveals 3 stocks under Wall Street’s radar poised to breakout. Once Wall St analysts initiate coverage in these shares, you’ll enjoy the heavy buying from institutional traders. You can’t afford not to read this report! Click here to sign up>>

3. Emerging China Stocks: Larry Isen is Doing It Again Big news coming out of the “New China” from Larry Isen. Take a look at his reports where he’s bringing back 645% Returns on emerging companies that are being traded on U.S. exchanges. Larry Isen has been a serial small stock investor for the past 23 years. He’s now spending his time looking at charts for the next big breakout. Larry has been talking to the CEOs, CFOs, customers, and Investment Banking types that surround these super charged China growth companies. Click here to take a look what he came back with >>

4. Stock Preacher -Exclusive Free Membership Offer (usually $299/year) Please take a look at this invitation for 24/7 Wall St. subscribers only. They are offering 24/7 readers a FREE StockPreacher membership valued at $299/year. They offer breaking penny picks and claim major winners, as well
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